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Ministry of Education

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About this Organisation:

Within the Finnish Government, the Ministry of Education is responsible for developing educational, science, cultural, sport and youth policies and international cooperation in these fields.
The Ministry of Education (vocational education division) deals with matters relating to:

  • Vocational education policy
  • Vocational Education and Training
  • Work-based training
  • Vocational skills demonstration
  • Preparation of legislation and financing of VET
  • Steering and evaluation of activities in the field 
  • Quality Assurance
  • Authorisations to provide VET
  • Qualifications and training programmes
  • Student selection criteria
  • International cooperation in VET


Tarja Riihimaki
Tarja Riihimäki
Counsellor of Education
Department for Education and Science Policy
Vocational Education Division

Ms. Riihimäki works as Counsellor of Education in the Finnish Ministry of Education in the Department for Education and Science Policy, VET Division. She is a former software analyst and teacher at a commercial college. She has also worked as a head of unit and principal at commercial college. Her main responsibilities in the Ministry are European Vet Policy, Quality Management in VET and steering of regional administration. She is the coordinator of Copenhagen process in Finland. Ms. Riihimäki represents Finland in the meetings of Advisory Committee for VET (ACVT), Education and Training Coordination Group (ETCG), Lifelong Learning Program and Education Committee. She is also member of the Cedefop GB and Bureau and the ETF GB.

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