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Ministry of Education and Science

A. Volano st. 2/7
LT-01516 Vilnius

Egle Zybertiene
Egle Zybartiene
Chief Specialist
Vocational Education and Guidance Division
Department of General Education and Vocational Training

Egle Zybartiene graduated from the university with a Master's degree in Educational Management. She has been working for the Ministry of Education and Science since 2008 in the field of vocational education. Her main tasks include preparation of necessary documentation for implementation of a new Law on Vocational Education and cooperation with respective institutions. Her duties also involve participating in international cooperation, collecting and sharing information about analysis and researchers made, conformity of VET with labour market needs and training requirements. Before her work in the Ministry, Ms Zybartiene was the leader of the ESF national project “Development and Implementation of the Career Guidance System in Lithuania”.

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