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    Report of the Joint Expert Seminar on Quality Assurance in vocational education and training (VET) and higher Education (HE) for improving their permeability

    Education and training are a key part of the Europe 2020 strategy for responding to the major social and financial challenges faced by EU member states. The needs of individuals as they build their learning and career pathways need to be the drivers by which policymakers identify strategies for responding to the challenges identified in Europe 2020. Effective quality assurance is a key part of ensuring that both higher education (HE) and vocational education and training (VET) respond to the needs of the labour market, society and individual citizens. This is the context within which the joint expert seminar on quality assurance and improving the permeability between VET and higher education was organised by CEDEFOP and the EQAVET Secretariat, in the premises generously offered by the European Economic and Social Committee.

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    EQAVET - Quality assuring work-based learning

    Introducing quality assurance frameworks in work-based learning (WBL) has become a priority in recent years. Countries at the early stages of developing their quality assurance practices can learn from the experiences of others who have already implemented comparable quality approaches for WBL. The EQAVET network has identified a series of common themes, called building blocks, which have been used to establish and strengthen quality assurance processes in WBL, in line with EQAVET (the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework or EQAVET Framework for short). The building blocks present an early analysis of approaches to quality assurance for WBL.

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    Policy brief EQAVET PLA on the impact of QA systems in IVET

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  • Study_on_QA_in_CVET

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    Work programme 2013-2015: Priorities and Activities for 2014

    The EQAVET Work Programme 2013-2015 has been devised on the basis of its members’ experiences of developing their national approaches to the implementation of the EQAVET Recommendation. This paper identifies the priorities and activities which will be addressed in 2014 within the broader context of the 3-year work programme agreed with the Commission in 2013. These have been identified on the basis of the evolving European policy context for education and training and the priorities identified by Member States at successive annual forums.

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  • QA_in_CVET_and_on_future_development_of_EQAVET

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