Brief description of the context of the VET system in  Greece

Greece joined the EQAVET network in 2010 and since then significant steps have been taken towards the enforcement of quality assurance in both general and vocational education. The Lifelong Learning Act (2010) and subsequent changes in legislation set out a comprehensive framework regarding processes, procedures and criteria in order to enhance quality at system as well as at provider level. In this direction it is worth mentioning the design of the “π3” quality assurance framework which is based and explicitly endorses the 2009 EQAVET Recommendation. The above framework, based on and following the guidelines of European Quality Assurance Reference Framework, is a new methodological tool, intending to support VET providers in further improving their provided educational services. In essence, the National Framework for Quality Assurance in LLL “π3” is the main means by which the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs will coordinate the role of all VET organisations, towards the improvement of quality and alignment with national policy as well as with the European strategy “Europe 2020”. Another milestone in the route to improve quality is the development of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), recently referenced (December 2015) to EQF, setting out the landscape, among other things, for planned EQAVET activities.   

In relation to the Greek education system, it is most important to understand that the system described in this section is undergoing significant reform following recent legislation. The changes that are taking place refer primarily to the area of vocational education and training directly affecting the quality as well as the range of qualifications that will be awarded in the future. Given these constant developments it is aimed at presenting the state of play of the VET system, as of the March 2016.  

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