Working Groups

The EQAVET Work Programme 2016-2017 makes provision for the establishment of working groups with the objective of supporting  the implementation of the EQAVET Recommendation in a way which embeds a culture of quality assurance within and between Member States, strengthens the quality assurance of VET and supports the broader EU policy agenda in relation to VET.

  • A working group was set out in 2016 in order to develop quality descriptors which complement EQAVET Recommendation and respond to quality assurance issues relating to seven areas including work-based learning. More information on this working group is available here.

In relation to previous EQAVET Work Programmes:  

  • Two working groups were established in 2014 on ‘Adult Learning in the context of CVET’; and a ‘Joint working group for EQAVET and ECVET’. More information on the results of these working groups is available here.
  • Two working groups were established in 2013, on ‘Quality Assurance for work-based learning in line with the EQAVET Framework’; and ‘Supporting VET systems to address the interrelation between the EQAVET Framework and existing quality management systems/instruments’.  More information on the results of these working groups is available here.

Each working group comprises members designated by Member States and representatives of the social partners. The groups are guided and supported by appointed quality assurance experts.

Working groups provide an opportunity for sharing experiences, discussion on policy examples and production of policy-useful material to support the best use of the Reference Framework according to specific national requirements. They build on existing expertise and aim to contribute effective solutions to the issues faced by participating countries, whilst significantly contributing to progress in the work ahead.

For more information on EQAVET working groups 2010-2012 click here.

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