The EU Quality Assurance is vocational education and training is a tool based on the 2009 Recommendation of the European Parliament and Council. The Recommendation invites Member States to use a series of indicative descriptors and indicators to support and develop their VET systems. The tool provides guidance on how to develop a quality assurance systems and contains examples of different approaches used by Member States.

Stage 1


Set up clear, appropriate and measureable goals and objectives in terms of policies, procedures, tasks and human resources.

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Stage 2


Establish procedures to ensure the achievement of goals and objective (e.g. development of partnerships, involvement of stakeholders, allocation of resources and organisational / operational procedures).

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Stage 3


Design mechanisms for the evaluation of achievements and outcomes by collecting and processing data in order to make informed assessments.

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Stage 4


Develop procedures in order to achieve the targeted outcomes and / or new objective. After processing feedback, key stakeholders conduct discussion and analysis in order to devise procedures for change.

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