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Ministry of Education and Science

Mito Hadzivasilev Jasmin 66 1 000 Skopje Macedoniawww.mon.gov.mk


Dana Biskovska Sector to enhance primary and secondary education[email protected]

Biljana Mihajlovska Sector to enhance primary and secondary education[email protected]

Center for Vocational Education and Training


About this Organisation:

The Vocational and educational center is established in accordance with the Government of Republic of Macedonia (Official newsletter of Republic of Macedonia issue 87/06), as a public institution for accordance and integration of public interests and the interests of the social partners in the vocational education and training (article 31 from the Law for Vocational education and Training, from Official newsletter issue 71/06 and 117/08). In accordance to article 32 from the above mentioned Law, the Center performs specialized supervisions, evaluation, studying, promotion, and research and development if the vocational training and education, and other tasks in accordance with the Law, and the Statute.

The VET Centre performs the following activities:

  • analysis and study of structure in our vocational education system;
  • analysis and study of structure in our vocational education system and analysis of the separate levels of types of vocational education;
  • projecting new system and conceptual solutions for the vocational education and other types of vocational education;
  • current innovation and suggesting new solutions in given education components ( programmable, processed, organizational, technological, human resources, norms, etc.).
  • research of developing trends in vocational education;
  • research of human resources;
  • preparing and supervising and development of standards for trades;
  • development of national framework for vocational qualifications;
  • development of education standards ( education profiles, plans and programs):
  • supporting the social partnership in all levels and phases of planning, development and realization of vocational education;
  • supervision of the realization of education program;
  • teacher’s training for vocational classes;
  • counseling, and mentoring for teachers;
  • cooperation with international institutions etc.


Elizabeta Jovanovska

Elizabeta Jovanovska Advisor for the Economics: law and trade sector[email protected]

Ms. Jovanovska’s main responsibilities include: training and consultancy for series of training workshops in entrepreneurship and business planning; development of teacher training program in entrepreneurship and business planning; training of Principals and VET teachers from 70 vocational schools dealing with real and virtual school companies in entrepreneurship and business planning.

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