EQAVET Network Members: an overview

The European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training (EQAVET) Network is composed of:

  • Two representatives per Member State: one representative appointed by the relevant ministry/ministries responsible for quality assurance, certification and qualifications in VET in the Member State; the other is the Quality Assurance National Reference Point.
  • The Social Partners are full members of the EQAVET Network reflecting the role of the world of employment and the labour market in shaping the content of high quality VET.
  • The European Commission chairs the EQAVET Network and works in partnership with the Member States and the Social Partners in order to ensure the effective implementation of the Reference Framework.
  • Cedefop and ETF are co-opted to the EQAVET Network, in an advisory capacity because of the technical and scientific expertise they provide.

Steering Committee comprises 9 members: 3 members representing the countries from the EU Team-Presidency, 4 elected members and 2 representatives of the Social Partners. It is chaired by the European Commission.

Main responsibilities of the Steering Committee:

  • offers advice to the European Commission;
  • informs about and contextualises policy needs within the Member States;
  • ensures appropriate coordination, strategic development and coherence with work in other relevant policy areas and process.

Secretariat provides leadership, expertise and support in the efficient organisation and management of business and content. It is responsible for the effective communication and dissemination of the outcomes of the EQAVET Network, particularly those regarding policy-useful content, which contribute to the process of improving and building a culture of quality assurance within and across the EU.

This governance structure of the EQAVET Network creates an effective collaborative culture involving all of the key actors necessary to ensure the fine-tuning of the activities and responsiveness to emerging policy issues within the context of the implementation of the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework.

The EQAVET Network meets once a year in a plenary session (Annual Forum) but communication between its members happens on an ongoing basis using an on-line communication system.

Ensuring coherence of the work on quality assurance of VET undertaken in the context of LEONARDO DA VINCI Programme and ECVET and EQF is a major priority of the EQAVET Network.

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