module3Module 3 - Setting out an alignment roadmap

Despite careful planning, many innovations fail. Sometimes a new way of doing things is not understood or meets resistance, at other times implementers fail for lack of experience or because they underestimate the amount of time it takes to implement the change successfully. Decision makers can prepare for these pitfalls, learn from past experiences and assess whether they are ready to align their current QA approach with EQAVET.


Phase 3 of the process of aligning national/regional or VET provider QA approach(es) with the EQAVET Framework is outlined here: Table - Outline of PHASE 3 . The left-hand column of the template is contains a general description of this phase and the right-hand columns are for you to fill with the information you consider relevant in your context either at national/regional or VET provider level. Tasks 1 and 2 offer specific guidance tools that are referenced in the outline.


1. It is necessary to have an understanding of the factors that may affect the successful implementation of the EQAVET Framework which is to be achieved by aligning your current QA approach(es) with EQAVET.

iconbomThe alignment of the current QA approach (either at national/regional level or VET provider level) with the EQAVET Framework is likely to be successful if national/regional authorities, VET providers and key stakeholders are in complete agreement about such implementation pillars as:

  • Allocation of sufficient time for the alignment exercise;
  • Promotion of good communication and awareness between the relevant national/regional authorities, VET providers and key stakeholders;
  • Detailed mapping of current QA approach in comparison with the EQAVET Framework;
  • Minimising resistance to change;
  • Development of sustained team work between relevant stakeholders;
  • Learning by doing.

2. If key stakeholders within the national/regional/local VET system support the alignment of the current QA approach with the EQAVET Framework, then there is a greater likelihood that its implementation will be successful.

iconquesIt is suggested that you try to find who could serve as champions of aligning with the EQAVET Framework. Consider how the champions can be effective:



  • Will they have an official role in the implementation of the alignment exercise?
  • Will they be released from other duties to work on the alignment exercise?
  • Will leadership demonstrate support publicly?

iconlupReference: see Table - Illustration of a stakeholder matrix



3.The time required for implementing the alignment of your current QA/QI approach with the EQAVET Framework should match the deadlines indicated in

  • the Recommendation of the European Parliament and the Council on the establishment of a European Quality Assurance Framework for Vocational education and Training;
  • the Bruges Communiqué on enhanced European cooperation in Vocational education and Training for the period 2011-2020 and
  • existing national planning. You should, however, consider the length of time it will take not only to prepare for the implementation process but also to finalise it.


hammerA roadmap to align your current QA/QI approach with EQAVET may be constructed, beginning with

  • The key needs of the VET national/regional authorities/providers – a customer-pull perspective, or
  • Conversely, the alignment roadmap may start with the EQAVET Framework and seek to define the needs that could be served by the European instrument – an EQAVET-push perspective.

One way or another, it needs to answer the “why-what-how” questions and lay out the required actions, the “to-do’s”. All parts of the roadmap are laid out over a timeline, the “when” of a roadmap (see Table - Road mapping the alignment initiative).

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