Mapping tables at provider level

EQAVET Framework, the EFQM Excellence Model and the ISO 9001 Standard

The EQAVET working group produced mapping tables, which propose a methodology for those in the process of aligning a quality assurance (QA) approach with the general framework of EQAVET.

The material can support National Reference Points to develop their own material when working with VET providers. Also, the aim of the tables is to provide a point of reference in relation to where the QA approach of those who will use the material is in relation to EQAVET.

The tables identify a) common elements and b) synergies and gaps, for the alignment of the EQAVET Framework, the EFQM Excellence Model and the ISO 9001 Standard.

An important common element is the fact that the EQAVET Framework, the ISO 9001 Standard and the EFQM Excellence Model are concerned with the same issues and built on the Shewhart/Deming Cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) to achieve continual improvement. They were, however, developed from completely different origins and, consequently, differ substantially.

The work developed in relation to the mapping tables should be considered as work in progress which shows how different parts of the different QA approaches interact; and that there are areas of commonality and areas of difference. There is no in-built value judgement.


The modules provide support to those considering how to align any quality assurance (QA) approach with EQAVET. The mapping tables provides a methodology for those using either the EFQM Excellence Model or the ISO 9001 Standard.

More information on the modules here.

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