CommunicateBuilding Block 04 - Communicate

Ensure learners and partner organisations are kept well informed and receive frequent updates on all aspects of training

Key Questions - have you agreed:

  • the ways in which organisations involved in the training will communicate?
  • how each partner involved in the training keeps in touch with each other and the learners?

Key issues

  • Communication between partner organisations is one of the most important aspects of work based learning.
  • The quality of training is enhanced when partner organisations work on the basis of ‘no surprises’.
  • Learners should be as well informed as the organisations that are managing their learning.

Member States' experiences to day

Many case studies (e.g. Portugal 2 and UK 1) use a real-time, on-line system to liaise with employers and students during their work based learning.

A national campaign to promote a new type of work based vocational training has been designed in Romania 1. An on-line resource helps students to select their most appropriate training pathway.

In France 3 there are clear rules for employers and VET providers in relation to the need to establish and maintain effective communication based on a formal Partnership Agreement.

Main Messages

IT systems are important to ensuring learners, employers and VET schools remain in contact during work based learning. Real-time systems are increasingly being used to improve quality, monitor progress and ensure communication is effective.

Formal agreements between VET schools, employers and other stakeholders are being used to strengthen communication during work based learning.

Learners are being seen as key stakeholders who have a stake in their own learning – this is particularly noticeable during periods of work based learning.

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