ImproveBuilding Block 02 - Improve the quality

Agree with partner organisations when the quality of training will be monitored and how improvements will be made

Key Questions - is there an agreement on:

  • how organisation(s) should take responsibility for monitoring quality?
  • when and how improvements will be made?

Key issues

  • The quality of training is improved when it is monitored and reviewed on an on-going basis (not only when the learners have finished their course or qualification).
  • Identifying staff with responsibility for quality assurance can be a core part of an improvement plan.

Member States' experiences to day

Hungary 1, Finland 1, Italy 2 and UK 1 compare national data with information from the VET provider to identify areas for improvement.

In France 2 each apprenticeship is based on a set of national guidelines which clarify what processes need to be in place to ensure on-going improvements in quality.

Netherlands 2 has used the external inspection process as a stimulus to redesign its quality assurance processes.

Main Messages

Increasingly data from work-based learning is being used to make comparisons with regional or national data. This helps employers, other stakeholders and VET providers to identify areas where further information can be collected and used to review and improve quality.

Employers, VET providers and other stakeholders are increasingly designing agreements for work based learning which set clear expectations for training and clarify how and when improvements will be made.

In many situations the amount of time learners devote to work based training is increasing.

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