Building Block 03 - Respond to learners' needs

Continue to be aware of the specific needs of learners throughout their work-based learning

Key Questions - have you decided:

  • how to respond to learners’ on-going or emerging training needs?
  • how to fix any problem experienced by a learner?

Key issues

  • Learners are more confident and feel more secure when there is a named member of staff to support them during work based learning.
  • Quality is enhanced when VET schools keep in touch with learners during periods of work based learning (and employers keep in touch with learners when they attend a VET school).
  • Quality is strengthened when learners are given the time and opportunity to provide feedback on their experiences, training and learning.

Member States' experiences to day

Finland 1 uses an on-line process to analyse individual employers’ needs and matches learners accordingly.

Italy 2 uses an individualised, IT-based process of matching learners to employers. This responds to both the needs of the learners and the companies.

Also Germany 2 has participated in the Soufflearning project, a Leonardo da Vinci funded project aims to respond to SMEs by tailoring training to meet the needs of staff

Main Messages

The individual needs of learners which are matched to the needs of employers brings benefits to everyone. Allocating a named member of staff to support learners during work based training strengthens the quality of provision and enhances the quality assurance process.

Work-based learning enables VET providers and employers to design more individualised approaches to learning.

Learner and employer feedback is part of a systematic approach to quality assurance during work based learning. This feedback is being used during training and at the end of the courses to improve quality.

VET providers, employers and stakeholders need to work closely together during periods of work based learning. In some situations this closeness is characterised by staff from VET schools visiting students, and organising regular meetings with employers.

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