Building Block 05 - Train the staff

Ensure staff are well prepared for their training role which includes quality assurance

Key Questions - have you agreed:

  • how all staff will be made aware of how quality is assured?
  • which staff will need training in relation to quality assurance?

Key issues

  • Quality is improved when all members of staff know that training is evaluated and reviewed regularly
  • Identifying those with responsibility for quality assurance helps – but it is not enough. Quality assurance should be seen as a shared responsibility.
  • Staff training should include guidance on how to manage a quality assurance process.

Member States' experiences to day

All the staff in the Hungary 1 case study are involved in developing the quality assurance processes used by the VET provider.

Portugal 1 and Netherlands 1 and Netherlands 2 have detailed processes for selecting employers and training work based staff on issues relating to quality assurance.

Austria 1 organises training for company-based staff. Attendance is required before a student begins their work based training.

Also Germany 2 has participated in the Soufflearning project, a Leonardo da Vinci funded project aims to respond to SMEs by tailoring training to meet the needs of staff .

Main Messages

Training in both pedagogy and quality assurance is becoming more important for company-based staff.

Training which supports company based staff and other stakeholders to become more involved in assessment is important in many situations.

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