The EQAVET working group has identified six Building Blocks which could support work-based learning. These identified the need to:

  1. Design - work with partner organisations to ensure the relevance of learners' training during periods of work based learning.
  2. Improve - agree with partner organisations when the quality of training will be monitored and how improvements will be made.
  3. Respond - continue to be aware of the specific needs of learners throughout their work based learning.
  4. Communicate - ensure learners and partner organisations are kept well informed and receive frequent updates on all aspects of training.
  5. Train - ensure staff are well prepared for their training role which includes quality assurance.
  6. Assess - work with partner organisations to review the work based training programme, assess and certify individual learner’s achievement, where appropriate.

These statements (which are not part of the EQAVET Recommendation) provide a set of simple and straightforward actions which support quality assurance in work-based learning.

In these circumstances the Building Blocks can assist National Reference Points in encouraging VET providers to adopt a quality assurance approach that is in line with their EQAVET compatible system.

The Building Blocks are designed to be appropriate and useful in the three main models for work-based learning:

  • apprenticeship schemes which combine training in companies and VET schools or other education/training institutions;
  • on-the-job training in companies which typically cover internships, work placements or traineeships which are a compulsory or optional element of VET programmes leading to formal qualifications;;
  • integration into a school-based programme through on-site laboratories, workshops, kitchens, restaurants, junior or practice firms, simulations or real business/industry projects and assignments.


This guidelines looks at the detail of each Building Block and identifies:

  • Each Building Block contains a “call to action” and sets out activity that helps National Reference Points to support VET providers to develop a quality assurance approach for work-based learning in line with the EQAVET Recommendation.
  • The ‘main messages’ is based on an analysis of the case studies provided by members of EQAVET’s Working Groups. Full details of each of the case study are available here.
  • The emerging practice suggests that each of the six Building Blocks for work based-learning can be useful in helping National Reference Points when they support VET providers to develop their approach to quality assurance.


Key issues and factors for success
Features of the Building Blocks that are relevant to quality assurance of work-based learning – this includes questions about key factors for success.

Experience from VET providers - case studies
Things that have already been done by VET systems and providers to develop an approach to quality assurance for work-based learning which is in line with the EQAVET Recommendation.

Main messages
An analysis of current practice based on recent experiences as set out in the case studies. It includes suggestions for new approaches.


Download the brochure on Quality Assuring work-based learning here

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