Austria - Challenging gender stereotypes

The Hertha Firnberg School for Business and Tourism in Vienna provides initial training for approximately 800 students, two-thirds of whom are female. As part of its mission to challenge gender stereotypes, the school has introduced a course in Computer Science Management in partnership with the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Vienna. This course has attracted more male students and encouraged female students to consider alternative careers.

The school uses Austria’s national quality assurance system, QIBB. Under the leadership of the school director, the school’s quality managers coordinate all aspects of quality assurance. They work with steering groups of teachers and students to introduce, manage and evaluate new approaches to quality assurance. All members of the steering groups receive regular training and share their knowledge with their colleagues.

This case study focuses on initial VET

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VET PROVIDER:     Hertha Firnberg School for Business and Tourism
                                 Marlies Ettl -
                                 School Director
                                 Ulrike Zwinger     -    
                                 School Quality Process Manager
                                 Margit Eisl -
                                 School Quality Process Manager
                                 Hertha Firnberg Schulen für Wirtschaft und Tourismus
                                 Firnbergplatz 1
                                 A-1220 Wien

CITY:             Vienna, AUSTRIA

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