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The content of VET is based on occupational qualification standards (OQS). The OQSs are developed using inputs from social partners and the key competences for lifelong learning from the Recommendation of the European Parliament and the Council on 18 December 2006. All new OQSs are valid for up to five years and are based on learning outcomes as set out in the legislation

The development of OQSs and their referencing to the Estonian Qualifications Framework (EstQF) were part a European Social Fund programme. This case study looks at how the OQSs have been updated and how the methods for assessing competence have been improved.

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For more information on this case study contact:
Rita Siilivask
Vocational Education Department
Ministry of Education and Research
Munga 18, 50088 Tartu, Estonia
Phone +372 735 0226

This case study was prepared in 2017 as part of the work on EQAVET+ organised by the EQAVET Network.

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