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One way VET providers can help learners to prepare for employment is through the development of their entrepreneurial skills and competences. Since 2001, one of the most successful approaches used in Romanian business schools has been the development of ˈtraining companies.ˈ The focus is on active learning and VET learners are required to identity a business idea arising from their study of the market. This includes identifying what is needed by the market and the opportunities this offers, creating a project plan for the company and simulating its implementation. Key to the success of this approach is the ability to assure the quality of the VET learners’ experience. Since 2008 an annual national competition has awarded a ˈQuality Markˈ to those training companies with excellent quality assurance processes. This label confirms that an agreed set of quality standards are in place and used by the training company.

The Higher Commercial School "Nicolae Kretzulescu" in Bucharest is committed to using this instrument and operates the highest quality standards. One of the school’s training companies, Whispers of Elegance Ltd, achieved the Romanian national Quality Mark (a label of excellence) through its focus on:


  • preparing the documentation that is required to set up a business;
  • securing start-up funding;
  • undertaking commercial activities;
  • organising a simulated annual general meeting;
  • securing commercial contracts;
  • completing these commercial contracts.


This case study focuses on initial VET

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VET PROVIDER: The Higher Commercial School "Nicolae Kretzulescu"
          HRISTO BOTEV 17, SECTOR 3, 0302333
CITY:             Bucharest, ROMANIA

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