Romania - Implementing the national model

Romania has introduced a national quality management system for continuing VET providers. The system [add hotlink] has the following main objectives:

  • to implement a quality assurance model linked to ISO 900 and Excellence Models and in line with the EQARF Recommendation;
  • to measure the effectiveness and progress of these quality assurance requirements;
  • to measure the quality of continuing VET provision in relation to the relevant performance indicators;
  • to compare the continuing VET providers’ quality against the agreed targets;
  • to compare the continuing VET provider’ quality against the agreed benchmarks.

CALISIS is a three year project, implemented from January 2009 until December 2011. It focuses on continuing VET providers, the regional authorities and the National Qualification Authority. FiaTest Ltd, an accredited provider that offers more than 1,000 continuing VET courses has participated in the design and delivery of this pilot quality management system for CVET as part of this national project .

This case study focuses on continuing VET

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VET PROVIDER:     FiaTest Ltd
                                 QUALITY HOUSE
                                 24 Transilvaniei Street, Sector 1
                                 PO 010798
                                 Contact: Prof. Dr. eng. Ion Hohan
                                Mihaela Udrea
                                Director, CVT and quality Assurance
                                National Qualifications Authority

CITY:             Bucharest, ROMANIA

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