Cyprus - Staff training

Following Cyprus’ entry into the European Union, there was a clear need for additional training for those working in the wine and vine-growing trades. With many small companies in the industry, and the need to address quality and the quality assurance issues surrounding production, Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus approved Quintessence Enterprises to organise a series of staff training events. A three stage approach was implemented:

  • a two day course on the science and practice of the industry;
  • visits by experts to each employer/vineyard to discuss their individual needs. This led to an improvement report for each business;
  • a national conference on quality in wine making which was supported by national and international experts.

The next step is to offer on line, real-time, distance learning support, including the use of web cameras in the wineries so that the sector can see the value of developing best practices.

This case study focuses on initial and continuing VET as well as company-based training.

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VET PROVIDER:        Quintessence Enterprises Ltd


Director:                      Evsevios Hadjicostas

                                    12-14 Kennedy Ave., 1087- Nicosia

CITY:                           NICOSIA, CYPRUS

National Reference Point Contact: Human Resource Development Authority,  tel. 22515000, Fax 22496949

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