Estonia - Strategic planning in the Vocational Education Centre of Tartu

The Vocational Education Centre of Tartu uses a quality assurance system to underpin its five yearly development strategy. This strategy includes the creation of annual plans which are monitored regularly to ensure the desired outcomes are met.

This case study is connected to the following EQAVET+ indicative descriptors:

  • Explicit goals/objectives and targets are set and monitored, and programmes are designed to meet them
  • Evaluation and review includes the collection and use of data, and adequate and effective mechanisms

This case study is connected to EQAVET indicators:          

  • Number 2 - Investment in training of teachers and trainers
  • Number 3 - Participation rate in VET programmes
  • Number 4 - Completion rate in VET programmes

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For more information on this case study, contact
Vocational Education Centre of Tartu
Facebook page:
Director of the school: Mr Andrus Mõttus
Phone: +372 7361860

Quality development Manager: Ms Eda Anton
Phone: +372 7361867Email:

More information on this case study can be found in the ‘European Solutions in Quality Assurance’ (ESQA) catalogue available at

This case study was prepared in 2017 as part of the work on EQAVET+ organised by the EQAVET Network.

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