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The Finnish National Board of Education sets the core curriculum for each vocational qualification – this includes the objectives (learning outcomes) for each study module. One VET provider, the Jyväskylä Education Consortium has analysed the needs of industry and commerce, and their work processes to make sure that they align with the skill requirements which are set in the core curriculum of each vocational qualification. The VET school has a written contract with each employer and makes these details available to all students through the school’s online information system.

Teachers assign students to appropriate employers so that they are able to practice the skills required by the core curriculum and meet the outcomes in their personal study plan. Students, teachers and workplace instructors jointly plan the work-based learning. Students receive coaching from their teachers before they begin training with employers. The same teachers continue to support workplace instructors and the students throughout the period of work-based learning.

The skills acquired by the students during their work-based learning are assessed in line with the agreed assessment plan and criteria – this is a joint assessment which involves the student, the workplace instructor and the teacher. The teacher completes a written record of the assessment and the reasons for the decision – these are added to the VET school’s student information system.

Jyväskylä Education Consortium collects feedback from the student and the workplace instructors on each period of work-based learning. This feedback is analysed in teachers’ and management meetings. A summary of this feedback is analysed each year by the local committee which oversees the assessment process (in Finland this is based on students being assessed through a demonstrating of their skills).

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