Estonia - Using data to improve the quality of provision in the Tallinn School of Services

The Tallinn School of Services is the largest state school offering vocational training in the service sector in Estonia. In 2015/16 there were approximately 65 teachers and 900 students. The school has used quality management principles since 2001. The school produces a report based on its internal evaluation every 2-3 years. The results from this internal evaluation form the basis for planning the school’s further activities and adjusting the existing development and action plans. This process relies on the collection of data and information and uses the following methods:

  1. Checking the school’s records to ensure they are in line with the legislation;
  2. SWOT analysis;
  3. An evaluation of the materials produced for accreditation;
  4. Monitoring and analysis of the school’s development plan, action plan and indicators;
  5. Staff interviews and self-analysis to inform the area managers’ evaluations;
  6. Observation and analysis of educational activities;
  7. Satisfaction surveys;
  8. Analysis of the extent to which decisions have been implemented;
  9. Summaries of internal training and development activities;
  10. Inspection of teaching equipment and the school’s inventory of resources;
  11. A check on the improvement activities in the report from the previous year;
  12. Observation and analysis of the educational environment;
  13. Analysis of the financial reporting;
  14. Analysis of the risk assessment (adequacy of the budget assigned to fulfilling the action plan).

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Contact information for the Tallinn School of Services:
Facebook page:
Director of the school: Ms Meeli Kaldma
Phone: +372 6053102

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