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Italy - Creating an information management system for a national VET provider

A national VET provider has developed an information management system which can be used in 61 centres across Italy.

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Italy - The national reference point

The Italian Quality Assurance National Reference Point is developing a twofold communication strategy which includes: • a “top down” approach from the institutions responsible for VET at system level to the training providers; • a “bottom up” approach involving the existing networks of VET training provider

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Luxembourg - Developing the VET curriculum

In Luxembourg, the quality assurance arrangements for the VET curricula include coverage of content, assessment, certification and the award of qualifications and staff development

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Spain - Creating a three-tiered evaluation system

The Spanish system of self evaluation combines activities at three levels

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Spain - Supporting the autonomous regions

Spain has a decentralised structure for education and training. It assigns roles and responsibilities to both the State and the Regions. One example of this is the way that national goals are set and monitored at the State level and decisions on standards, procedures of assessment, inspection and self-evaluation are made at a regional and institutional level.

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Sweden - Designing programmes to meet the needs of individual learners

This case study illustrates how a medium sized town in central Sweden has developed an approach to meet the needs of a large number of learners 

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Sweden - The role of stakeholders in the quality assurance of the design of national qualifications

This case study looks at how stakeholders are involved in the design and review of qualifications at the system level.

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Netherlands - A common understanding of indicators and data

In the Netherlands training providers are primarily responsible for quality assurance and the inspectors use the same data sets and indicators to comment on the overall performance of the system. The inspection system uses this data to assess the risk of poor performance which forms the basis for inspection

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Netherlands - Linking funding to performance

n the Netherlands 20 per cent of the funding for VET provision is based on quality

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Netherlands - Monitoring student satisfaction

In the Netherlands, on behalf of the student organisation for VET, there is a national measure of students’ satisfaction with VET. This monitors students’ perception of their VET provision at a system and at institutional level

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