Approaches reflect the providers circumstances

How can VET providers use the EQAVET Recommendation to improve their approach to quality assurance?

Is the approach to quality assurance manageable and realistic?

  • What should VET providers consider when they develop their approach to quality assurance?
  • How can VET providers use what they learn from others’ experiences?
  • How can National Reference Points help VET providers to ensure their approach aligns with the EQAVET Recommendation?

- One way VET providers can help learners to prepare for employment is through the development of their entrepreneurial skills and competences. Since 2001, one of the most successful approaches used in Romanian business schools has been the development of ˈtraining companies.ˈ The focus is on active learning and VET learners are required to identity a business idea arising from their study of the market. This includes identifying what is needed by the market and the opportunities this offers, creating a project plan for the company and simulating its implementation. More information here

- The Békéscsaba Central Vocational School and Student Dormitory (BÉKSZI) in Hungary was established in August 2007 as a result of the merger of three well-established vocational schools. It provides vocational training in 44 occupational areas in the following ten vocational sectors. It aims is to meet the requirements of the economy by offering training which responds flexibly to the changing demands of the labour market. One aspect of the school’s approach to quality assurance is the systematic monitoring of the employment of the school’s graduates after they complete their training. More information here

- Dunbia in the UK is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of beef, lamb and pork products. It employs over 3200 staff across ten sites. For many years it has delivered its own in-house training which is aligned with the European Qualifications Framework. This has been designed to respond to the company’s needs and the is quality assured using the company’s own approach. More information here

- In Ireland, Fáilte offers a Traineeship in Professional Cookery for those seeking to work with food in the tourism industry. The two year traineeship supports “on the job” learning with one day/week in a college. Participants must be in current employment in an approved hotel, bar or restaurant. To ensure the quality assurance arrangements meet the sector’s needs, Fáilte Ireland’s makes its own select ion of employers for this scheme. More information here

- In Germany, Linhardt has received the "VET quality label" of the German IVET Trainer Academy in recognition of its company-based training and quality assurance scheme. The approach is used in the company’s marketing materials to improve its competitive position. More information here 

- VET providers in the Netherlands are responsible for the quality of their education and training. Working within a framework set by government, each institution is autonomous and monitored by inspectors. Those institutions that show they are capable of monitoring and improving their own quality receive a light-touch inspection. 24 VET providers collaborate in a Quality Network and support each other to improve the quality of provision. More information here 

  • A consistent approach to high quality training and the outcomes of training helps business and VET providers to improve their competitive advantage.
  • VET providers often have a long tradition of quality assurance; success is easier if this experience is used as a basis for further development.
  • An incremental approach which makes the introduction or strengthening of quality assurance manageable can produce significant improvements.

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