How does it work

  • This guidelines looks at the detail of each Building Block and identifies:
  • Each Building Block contains a “call to action” and sets out activity that helps National Reference Points to support VET providers to develop a quality assurance approach in line with the EQAVET recommendation.
  • This guidance is more likely to be useful to VET providers as they begin their journey to develop a quality assurance approach
  • This guidance should be used by the National Reference Points during their discussions with VET providers.

The ‘lessons learnt’ is based on an analysis of the case studies provided by members of EQAVET’s Working Groups. Full details of each of the case study are available here.

The emerging practice suggests that each of the six Building Blocks can be useful in helping National Reference Points when they support VET providers to develop their approach to quality assurance.


Explanation of each building block

Key questions

Features of the Building Blocks that are relevant to VET providers’ approach to quality assurance – this includes questions about key factors for success.

Experience from VET providers

Things that have already been done by VET providers to develop an approach to quality assurance which is in line with the EQAVET Recommendation.

Lessons learnt

An analysis of emerging practice which synthesises recent experiences and suggests new ways forward. This section also identifies key issues for VET providers to consider.

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