Management Culture

Does the management team value quality assurance?

Are all managers involved in ensuring high quality VET?

Does the management team take responsibility for quality assurance?

  • How can the management team:
    - provide leadership in quality assurance?
    - ensure a culture of quality assurance which includes learning from others’ experiences?
    - encourage staff involvement in quality assurance?
    - ensure a cost effective and appropriate approach to quality assurance?
  • What is the best way to encourage VET staff to improve their approach to quality assurance?

- In Aragón, Spain, every high school has its own quality management system. The Tiempos Modernos high school in Zaragoza has supported staff training in quality assurance and is therefore able to help other schools in the autonomous region to develop their quality management instruments and materials including software for measuring students’ and employers’ satisfaction with the provision. More information here

- The Commercial Secondary School in Brno received the “The National Quality Award of the Czech Republic – public sector” in 2010. To strengthen the culture of quality assurance, develop the quality of courses and improve the outcomes of education, the School uses:
- internal evaluations for key activities;
- class observations performed by the school management;
- close cooperation with social partners
More information here 

- The Békéscsaba Central Vocational School and Student Dormitory (BÉKSZI) in Hungary was established in August 2007 as a result of the merger of three well-established vocational schools. It provides vocational training in 44 occupational areas in the following ten vocational sectors. It aims is to meet the requirements of the economy by offering training which responds flexibly to the changing demands of the labour market. One aspect of the school’s approach to quality assurance is the systematic monitoring of the employment of the school’s graduates after they complete their training. More information here

- VET providers in the Netherlands are responsible for the quality of their education and training. Working within a framework set by government, each institution is autonomous and monitored by inspectors. Those institutions that show they are capable of monitoring and improving their own quality receive a light-touch inspection. 24 VET providers collaborate in a Quality Network and support each other to improve the quality of provision. More information here

- FiaTest Ltd in Romania is an accredited VET provider that offers more than 1,000 courses. The management team decided to become involved in the design and delivery of a national quality management system for continuing VET.More information here


  • The EQAVET framework can be used by management teams in individual VET providers to monitor and build a quality assurance approach.
  • External recognition of effective quality assurance systems helps to motivate and encourage managers and staff.

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