EQAVET Indicators

The EQAVET indicators are interlinked and each one impacts on all of the others. So the indicators will enable you to adopt a holistic approach to evaluating your quality assurance arrangements while taking into consideration your own context and needs.

Measures of data

EQAVET Indicators

VET area

Indicators 1, 9


Indicator 2


Indicator 3


Indicator 4


Indicator 5, 6


Indicator 7, 8


Indicator 10


The EQAVET approach of input-output-outcome provides a way of turning what might be an ad hoc collection of data into indicators (since the key aspects of VET are related to each other and assists in both the interpretation of data and its use as evidence).

For more information on the following EQAVET Indicators:

Download: GUIDE - VET providers' self-monitoring by using the EQAVET toolbox of indicators

You can use this table EQAVET indicators - table issues when collecting data which might help you when working with EQAVET indicators

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