With limited budgets, how can successful quality assurance be supported?

How should information from quality assurance systems be used to adjust funding?

- How can quality assurance be used to establish a link between the quality of provision and the availability of funding?

- How do you ensure training providers and other stakeholders are clear about the links between funding and quality?

In Cyprus there is a clear link between the quality of training and funding provided to employers by the Human Resource Development Authority (a semi-government organisation).

Funding for VET provision is increasingly recognising the quality of provision and in the Netherlands 20 per cent of the funding is based on quality.

In Finland a funding premium is now offered to high quality providers. This helps to influence the national system and the activities in individual training providers as all the information is published on the Finnish National Board of Education‘s website.

Lessons Learnt

It is much easier to offer additional funding when quality assurance processes identify high quality provision. Explicit links between quality and VET funding at the provider level is difficult and needs careful management.

Funding is an important lever in supporting quality assurance, and it is one of many incentives to training providers to introduce and strengthen their systems.

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