How important is student and employer feedback in quality assurance systems?

How can feedback contribute to the effectiveness of the VET system?

- How can training providers best respond to feedback?

- How can you ensure that students see the importance of providing accurate feedback?

In the Netherlands the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science commissions two pieces of research to measure student satisfaction with VET training. These monitoring arrangements report at the system level and one of them also reports at the institutional level.

In Finland there is a web-based feedback system which collects information from students and employers. In addition, assessors for the Quality Awards (representatives of employers, employees, teachers, VET providers and students) also provide systemic feedback on the system and process. This feedback is used to make improvements on a yearly basis.

In Estonia, VET schools are governed by councils where the majority of places are taken by employers. In order to review the school’s performance, the council receives an annual report from the school principal.

Some learners only get one chance to access VET. As such training providers need to ensure they have systems in place to ensure high quality provision.

Direct, instant and honest feedback helps training providers to improve the quality of provision.

Feedback provides an important role in ensuring employers and learners receive high quality training.

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