Should a quality assurance system cover all the activities of VET providers?

How can quality assurance systems support improvements in quality across all aspects of provision?

- What aspects of the training providers’ arrangements should be covered by quality assurance arrangements?

- How do you ensure that all the separate quality assurance processes are compatible and aligned?

Member State Experiences

Austria has offered training on quality assurance and quality development for the staff in VET institutions at all levels of the VET school system.

Since 2003 Estonia has used an EFQM based voluntary Quality Award model for VET institutions (EKKA). The aim of EKKA is to develop a culture of self-evaluation and constant improvement with in order to enhance the quality of VET institutions’ processes and results.

In Finland, since 2000 (updated in 2008), the Quality Management Recommendation for VET has set out the characteristics of an excellent organisation and these have been linked to the four stages of the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for VET cycle.

In Luxembourg, the quality assurance arrangements that underpin the framework for curricula development in VET include content, assessment, certification and the award of qualifications, staff development etc.

In Italy, the Regions’ Accreditation system considers indicators which are related both to professional skills (needs analysis, curriculum planning and evaluation, teaching competences) and to managerial skills (administration, networking expertise etc).

Lessons Learnt

Quality assurance systems in VET need to be holistic and coherent; they also need to be comprehensive and cover all aspects of provision.

Designing and implementing a system-wide quality assurance approach takes time. As such staged approaches which for example cover different sectors, different aspects of provision, different types of providers is likely to be successful.

The European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for VET provides a coherent and comprehensive quality assurance system for VET.

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