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EQAVET's Network work on Complementing EQAVET:

Since the introduction of the EQAVET Recommendation there has been an increasing emphasis on the importance of work-based learning; learning outcomes; pedagogy which focuses on meeting the needs of individual learners; and the opportunity for learners to demonstrate their achievement through a wider range of learning contexts including the recognition of achievement through non-formal and informal learning.

Between 2015 and 2017, the EQAVET Network reflected on the need to be more explicit about the importance of these aspects of training/learning; and suggested an EQAVET+ approach that complements the EQAVET Recommendation and help Member States to further strengthen their quality assurance approaches in line with EQAVET.

EQAVET+ indicative descriptors

The Network's work on EQAVET+ adds information on the Annex I of the EQAVET Recommendation, i.e. related to the indicative descriptors. The additions comment on how to apply each stage of the quality assurance cycle to these aspects of training/learning. In some cases, the addition simply add further information to the existing EQAVET indicative descriptors; in others, new indicative descriptors are offered. To ensure clarity between the Recommendation and the complementary text from the EQAVET Network, all the additions are written in red and highlighted.

EQAVET+ indicative descriptors for the Review phase:

  • Procedures, mechanisms and instruments for undertaking reviews are defined and used to improve the quality of provision at all levels


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