Indicator 4. Completion rate in VET programmes

Indicator 4 Operational definition Which examples Why this could help
  1. Number of successfully completed/abandoned VET programmes, according to the type of programme and the individual criteria.
  1. Percentage of those completing (i.e. attaining a formal qualification) IVET programme(s) (which lead to a formal qualification), compared to those entering IVET programme(s);
  2. Percentage of those completing (i.e. attaining a formal qualification) CVET programme(s) (which lead to recognition), compared to those entering CVET programme(s).
1- clear systems to decide which organisations can offer courses ensures that more candidates take programmes that lead to formal qualifications
4- using agreed information and data collection systems helps to measure progress in a systematic and consistent way
7 – using feedback helps training providers to improve provision which encourages completion
8 – funding arrangements for candidates and training providers can be designed in ways that support the completion of formal qualifications

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