Indicator 9. Mechanism to identify training needs in the labour market

Indicator 9 Operational definition Which examples Why this could help
  1. Information on mechanisms set up to identify changing demands at different levels;
  2. Evidence of their effectiveness.
  1. Type of mechanisms used to update the VET offer to the future labour market needs;

  2. Information on mechanisms used to provide stakeholders with the most recent information on the future needs of the labour market.
1 – as new training needs develop, clarity over which organisations can offer training helps to ensure high quality provision
3 – system-wide clarity over the role and responsibility of organisations can help to manage new developments, and new curricula and training demands
7 – using feedback from employers, students and others makes it more likely that programmes meet the emerging needs of employers
10 – as labour markets develop, involving external stakeholders offers a greater opportunity to meet employers’ future needs

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