EQAVET Indicators

Evaluation needs to be considered during the building and the monitoring of a VET system. Collected data in a systematic and predictable way can lead to significant financial savings and provide greater clarity to stakeholders. Indicators can help you to collect the relevant data.

EQAVET has developed a Toolkit to help you to use and implement the EQAVET indicators

Introduction to the EQAVET Indicators Toolkit

The Toolkit is organised to support stakeholders at various levels to use and implement the set of ten indicators of the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for VET (EQAVET Indicators). This Toolkit seeks to bring the various groups to a common understanding of the indicators, while advocating for a systems-building approach to improving the quality of VET at system and providers’ level

The purpose of the Toolkit

The Toolkit is not country specific. It designed to assist a diverse range of stakeholders at Member State and European level in implementing the set of ten indicators.

The Toolkit can be downloaded here

Who are the Toolkit’s users?

This Toolkit aims to serve anyone involved in developing or using the EQAVET indicators at Member State level and it was written with three key perspectives in mind: policy, content and use. The target audience: policy makers, VET providers, teachers and trainers, VET learners, sector organisations, employers and employees’ organisations, social partners.

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