Indicator 5. Placement rate in VET programmes

The material gathered below is part of the information provided by EQAVET on the state of play in quality assurance in VET systems among Member States. These practices have been provided by some Member States in the context of the work undertaken by the EQAVET work on Indicators, 2011.  


In Estonia, the following indicators are in place:
- Employment rate of graduates 6 months after graduation by curriculum groups. The number of graduates considered is the totality of graduates of the preceding school year (from 1st Oct of year X to 11th Nov of year Y).
 - Continuing education path of graduates on next educational level in next school year (Nov. 1st)

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In Hungary, the meaning of this indicator is as follows:
It is a fundamental indicator on all levels of VET which can monitor the effectiveness of the changes in the content on system level, and also transfers socio-political aspects. Regarding socio-policy, it is an important factor whether or not the economical development trends which can act upon the training structure of the VET system appear among the aims. The indicator provides information in reference to the whole training structure, to the trade groups (sectors) and to the qualifications but useful conclusions can be drawn on regional and institution level, too. This is a determinative indicator, which measures the effectiveness and efficiency of VET along different segments.
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United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)

In Northern Ireland,   a number of surveys are conducted about destinations of programme completers.  They are often published in the Labour Market Bulletin (e.g. see  Most recently, destinations of New Deal completers have been published, although note that the programme is explicitly concerned with getting people into employment, rather than exclusively VET.

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