Dec 2013 Issue 8

The eighth  issue of the EQAVET newsletter features:

  • Editorial by Dana-Carmen Bachmann, Head of Unit: Vocational training and adult education; DG EAC, European Commission
  • Update on the Commission report to the European Parliament on the implementation of the Recommendation – Sophie Weisswange, DG EAC, European Commission 
  • Key findings and recommendations of the external evaluation of the EQAVET Framework –  Daniela Ulicna and Astrid Henningsen, ICF GHK
  • EQAVET Recommendation inspires the further development of quality management in Finland – Tarja Riihimäki and Leena Koski
  • UEAPME shares its views on the evaluation of the EQAVET Recommendation –  Nele Muys and Helen Hoffmann
  • Update on the EQAVET working groups by their chairs and experts
  • Assuring quality in CVET: current and future role of EQAVET – Mantas Sekmokas, DG EAC
  • Focus on: Implementing the work programme in 2013
  • What’s new?

The newsletter is available in English, French and German language versions.
EQAVET Newsletter issue 8 (EN)
Bulletin d'information EQAVET Numéro 8 (FR)
EQAVET-Newsletter Ausgabe 8 (DE)

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