The EQAVET Work Programme 2018-2019 has been devised on the basis of its members’ experiences of developing their national approaches to the implementation of the Recommendation on the establishment of the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework (EQAVET Recommendation). It also builds on the experience of implementing the EQAVET Work Programme 2016-2017, EQAVET Work Programme 2013-2015 and EQAVET Work Programme 2010-2012.

The Work Programme proposes the range and type of activities which are necessary to ensure that the EQAVET Recommendation is implemented in a way which embeds a culture of quality assurance throughout the EU. Embedding a culture of quality assurance for VET among all relevant stakeholders within and across Member States requires a bottom-up approach for the development and ownership of quality processes in VET systems.

Building on this principle, the activities of the Work Programme involve key players in the Member States as well as the European Commission, Social Partners and EU relevant stakeholders (in particular EU VET providers associations). The activities proposed are characterised by their flexibility and responsiveness to the emerging policy needs, which will ensure their relevance and usefulness.

Encouraging, stimulating and supporting the national implementation processes should be the focal-point within the work of the network in 2013-2015 with two distinguishable levels of action:

1. Supporting implementation at national level

2. Strengthening synergies and European cooperation

View our brochure on the Work Programme 2013-2015, which outlines the type and range of activities developed, here.

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