Framework Implementation

The Reference Framework is a voluntary instrument that can be implemented progressively and in accordance with national legislation and practices; i.e. it can serve as a ‘tool box’ capable of developing further as a result of practical experiences at both EU and National level. Its main users are public authorities and the bodies charged with quality assurance and improvements, as well as VET providers.

Since its adoption in 2009, Member States and the Commission are putting important emphasis on testing and further developing this instrument. This involves launching of pilot projects funded through the Lifelong Learning Programme and also through national initiatives.

By 2011 Member States are expected to have devised an approach aimed at improving quality assurance at national level making best use of the Reference Framework in accordance with national legislation and practices. Member States will involve all relevant stakeholders in this process.

In 2013 the Commission will report to the European Parliament and the Council on the results of testing and assessment of actions taken at Member State level. This may result in a review and adaptation of the Recommendation.

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