EQAVET working group on the role of QA in VET in the EU policy context

The work programme for the EQAVET Network for 2018 – 2019 underlines the importance of carrying out an in depth reflection on the future of quality assurance of VET within the broader EU policy context for VET.  To this end a working group was established that reflected strategically on how to strengthen EQAVET’s contribution to the QA of VET across the ET2020 process and its successors.

The European Commission and the Council are engaged in discussions on a new policy framework for Education & Training in Europe. This will replace the Strategic Framework for Education & Training 2020. By the end of 2018 a clearer picture of the new policy framework and its emphasis should emerge.

This on-going discussion is particularly relevant for the future of EQAVET and the other transparency tools developed within the Copenhagen process. As a contribution to this policy discussion participants in the EQAVET annual network meeting 2017 agreed that a working group should be established to suppor reflection and provided advice to policymakers engaged in the EU level discussions relating to QA. The EQAVET Network members agreed that the work: ‘should enable reflection on strategic developments beyond 2020 and the role EQAVET should play, considering the potential revision of EQAVET in 2019’. 

The working group:

  • considered and identified priorities for the quality assurance of VET within the context of the New Skills Agenda for Europe.
  • took account of European developments (e.g. the Quality and Effectiveness Framework for Apprenticeships, the EQF etc.) and developments in Member States, e.g. higher level apprenticeships.
  • prepared early ideas on any revised EQAVET Recommendation.
  • provided the expertise to ensure that EQAVET contributes to the developing policy context and any associated future changes in governance, methodology and focus.

The objective of the working group was to reflect strategically on how the quality assurance of VET could be strengthened at a European level. This should ensure the Network’ members’ experience contribute to increasing the quality and relevance of VET as a training pathway which increases employment opportunities.

The working group met on  four occasions between late 2017 and the end of 2018 in Den Haag (the Netherlands) and included national representatives from the EQAVET Network with responsibilities at system level, VET providers at the European level, social partners, CEDEFOP and ETF. 

Download: The EQAVET network’s view on quality assurance in VET – based on the reflections of the 2017-18 working group




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