Working Group 1 on facilitating the development of QA approach for VET providers in line with EQAVET

This working group supports systems to engage with VET providers whether within initial VET (IVET), continuing VET (CVET) offering guidelines for work based learning (WBL). The focus is to advance the strategic objective 2b of the Bruges Communiqué’ in relation to: ‘establish(ing) at national level a common quality assurance framework for VET providers, which also applies to associated workplace learning and which is compatible with the EQAVET Framework’ by 2015.

The main goals identified for the working group were:

  • to focus on the needs of national reference points in relation to their interaction with VET providers at national or regional level, (building on the results already achieved, including maximising the use and communication of the EQAVET IT tool and its self-evaluation properties);
  • to advance the  strategic objective 2b of the Bruges Communiqué on: establishing at national level a common quality assurance framework for VET providers for work-based learning compatible with the EQAVET framework which also applies to workplace learning by 2015;
  • to ensure responsiveness to the broader EU policy context, in particular in relation to the ET 2020 and ‘Erasmus for all’ programmes.

The group meet on 4 occasions between January 2013 and February 2014.

The result of the work of this working group forms the basis for the on-line base resource that provides guidance on how countries can develop a quality assurance framework for work-based learning compatible with EQAVET. The resource is available at the EQAVET homepage at:

Or download the flyer on the EQAVET IT resource EQAVET IT resource on WBL and Aligning QA approach


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