Working Group 2 on supporting VET systems to address the interrelation between the EQAVET framework and existing quality management systems/instruments

This working group aims to support VET systems to address the interrelation between the EQAVET Framework and existing quality management systems/instruments in order to guarantee improved quality, increased transparency, mutual trust, mobility of workers and lifelong learning.

The work undertaken in this working group is important in developing capacities at Member State level in order to strengthen the national approaches to the implementation of the EQAVET Recommendation and the development of a culture of QA in VET particularly with reference to strategic objective 2a of the Bruges Communiqué.

The main goals identified for the working group were to:

  • address the possibilities, benefits, downsides, challenges and feasibility of developing appropriate registration/certification approaches and methodologies for VET providers (implied in the concept of developing an EQAVET label);
  • consider the scope and role of national authorities, national reference points and the network; and the question of resources available and sustainability in this context.

The group meet on 4 occasions between January 2013 and February 2014.

The result of the work of this working group forms the basis for the on-line base resource that provides support to Member States on aligning their quality assurance approaches to the  EQAVET Framework. The resource is available at the EQAVET homepage at:

Or download the flyer on the EQAVET IT resource EQAVET IT resource on WBL and Aligning QA approach

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