Working group on a quality assurance in AL in the context of CVET-Supporting ault learning, CVET and soft skills development by using quality assurance descriptors and indicators

In 2013 the EQAVET Network reflected on the need to build a comprehensive quality assurance approach to adult learning (AL) within continuing VET (CVET). It organised a working group in 2014-2015 which explored ways to strengthen the lifelong learning dimension of EQAVET, building on the work achieved by the European Thematic working group on quality in adult learning (TWG on AL). The group met on 4 occasions between September 2014 and April 2015.

The discussions led to a final report which examines the extent to which the EQAVET Framework and the Framework for the accreditation of AL providers (developed by the TWG on AL) converge or diverge in relation to their quality criteria,descriptors and indicators. This exercise aims to support the Quality Assurance National Reference Points and other relevant stakeholders in addressing quality assurance issues relevant to AL and CVET.

In addition, the group agreed to explore current and emerging practice in relation to how quality assurance is ensured in the development and provision of soft skills relevant to the employability of learners and workers.

The report also provides some insights on future pathways for deepening this work.


  • The full report of the group’s discussions is available here
  • Click here to download the mandate


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