Working Groups 2016-2017

The EQAVET Work Programme 2016-2017 makes provision for the establishment of working groups with the objective of supporting  the implementation of the EQAVET Recommendation in a way which embeds a culture of quality assurance within and between Member States, strengthens the quality assurance of VET and supports the broader EU policy agenda in relation to VET.

A working group was set out in 2016 in order to develop quality descriptors which complement EQAVET Recommendation and respond to quality assurance issues relating to seven areas including work-based learning. The proposal to establish a second working group to support the Network’s paper on EQAVET+ was discussed and agreed by the Network and is part of the Strategic Plan 2016-2017. The Network’s EQAVET+ paper was adopted at the Annual Network Meeting in June 2016.

To view the EQAVET Network's paper on Complementing EQAVET - EQAVET+ indicative descriptors click here.

Objectives of the working group:

The material to be produced in this working group should provide support and develop guidelines for  Member States on using the new quality descriptors identified in the exercise on complementing EQAVET undertaken in 2016 and  should  also reflect the context of the 'New Skills Agenda for Europe'.

Timeline: the working group met four times:
Tuesday   11 October 2016
Thursday 24 November 2016
Thursday 16 February 2017
Thursday 27 April 2017

Venue: Frankfurt

The group was presented its results at the Annual Network Meeting in June 2017. 

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