EQAVET Annual Network Meeting 2018, Sofia

Date: 20-21 June 2018

The Annual Network Meeting 2018 was organised jointly by the EQAVET Secretariat, the European Commission and the National Commission for Further and Higher Education in Bulgaria (NCFHE). It took place in Sofia, Bulgaria on 20-21 June 2018.

The venue was:

Best Western Premier Sofia Airport Hotel
11 Brussels Boulevard
1592, Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 2 905 13 14
Web: www.hotelpremiersofia.com
The meeting commenced at 09.00 on Wednesday 20 June and concluded at 14.00 on Thursday 21 June. 

The 2018 meeting took place at a critical moment as the European Commission and the Council are engaged in discussions on a new policy framework for Education & Training in Europe which will replace the Strategic Framework for Education & Training 2020.

The primary objective of the annual network meeting was to discuss the results of the strategic working group, established following the annual network meeting last year, which is discussing the role of QA in VET in the evolving  EU policy context.

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Day 1: Wednesday, 20 June


Welcome speeches and introductions to the Annual Network Meeting:

João Santos, Deputy Head of Unit Vocational Training, Apprenticeships and Adult Learning - DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion - European Commission; Joao Santos 

Maria Todorova, Ministry of Education and Science – Bulgaria

Sean Feerick, Director EQAVET Secretariat.


Quality assurance in the EU policy context – update on EU policy developments with relevance to EQAVET by the Unit  Vocational Training, Apprenticeships and Adult Learning - DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion - European Commission

European Education Area and the proposal for a Council Recommendation on automatic mutual recognition of diplomas and learning periods abroad - Jan Varchola Jan Varchola

The Council Recommendation on tracking graduates and the VET graduate tracking mapping study - Koen Bois D'Enghien Koen Bois D'Enghien

European Agencies' work on quality assurance of VET

Elizabeth Watters, Senior Specialist in VET policy and system development, ETF Elizabeth Watters

Tina Bertzeletou, Senior Expert - Area Enhanced Cooperation in VET and LLL, CEDEFOP  Tina Bertzeletou


The EQAVET Secretariat report on work of the Network was then presented:

Secretariat's report on implementing the 2018-2019 Work Programme and plan for the EQAVET Forum in 2018 - Sean Feerick, Director EQAVET Secretariat; Sean Feerick

Presentation of work and results of the EQAVET working group on the stragetic role of quality assurance in VET within the EU policy context - Thea van den Boom (chair of the working group) and Keith Brumfitt (supporting expert) Thea Van Den Boom

The final presentation before lunch was made by Monika Auzinger, external contractor, Research + Consulting 3s, Unternehmensberatung GmbH showing the Interim findings of the study on VET policy instruments (EQAVET and ECVETMonika Auzinger


After lunch on Day 1 was spent in discussion groups working on the strategic role of quality assurance in VET within the EU policy context and EQAVET post 2020 and preparing reports of the working groups to agree on the key message to report in plenary on Day 2


Day 2 - Thursday, 21 June, 2018

Reports from the discussion groups were made by Rapporteurs followed by plenary discussion

Appointment of the new EQAVET Steering Committee for 2018-2020.

Update on the Erasmus+ call for Proposals 2017-2018 - Lara Paoletti, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) Lara-Paoletti

Presentation on the key messages from the study on "Strengthening the Role of EQAVET National Reference Points - Insights from the study of their work programmes under the Erasmus+ programme 2016-2017 - Giorgio Allulli, EQAVET Expert  Giorgio-Allulli

Discussion in plenary on how the NRP projects can contribute to the work of the EQAVET Network after presentations of the projects from:

- NRP in Bulgaria - Radostinka Vasileva and Vanya Tividosheva, Ministry of Education and Science VIREO

- NRP in Croatia - Nino Buic, National Agency for VET and Adult Education Nino-Buic

- NRP in Sweden - Svante Sandell, Swedish National Agency for Education Svante-EQAVET-Sofia-June-2018

The final activity of the meeting was the summary of discussions and key outcomes, and close of meeting.

Austrian presentation on EU presidency


  1. Joao Santos
  2. Jan Varhola
  3. Koen Bois D'Enghien
  4. Elizabeth Watters
  5. Tina Bertzeletou
  6. Sean Feerick
  7. Thea Van Den Boom
  8. Monika Auzinger
  9. Lara-Paoletti
  10. Giorgio-Allulli
  11. VIREO
  12. Nino-Buic
  13. Svante-EQAVET-Sofia-June-2018
  14. Austrian presentation on EU presidency



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