Peer Learning Activity: QA process for defining qualification based on the LOs approach

EQAVET in partnership with the Polish National Reference Point (the National Centre for Supporting Vocational and Continuing Education) and the Educational Research Institute in Warsaw organised this peer learning activity (PLA) on 14-15 April 2016. The PLA focused on identifying the quality assurance criteria for defining and describing learning outcomes, according to the approach set up in EQAVET and EQF.

Learning outcomes (LO) based qualifications frameworks are becoming reference points for the development and renewal of VET qualifications at national level. Implementing the EQF is considered to ‘speed-up’ change processes. The shift from defining qualifications based on inputs to LO has an impact on quality assurance policies and practices. This PLA provided the opportunity to discuss the quality assurance mechanisms that ensure the development of a LO referenced VET system.

The discussion addressed:
•    Quality assurance for defining qualifications and qualification standards based on the LO approach
•    Quality assurance for assessment and certification of LO  
•    Ensuring quality, relevance, flexibility and transparency of LO based VET qualifications (with a focus on guidance from EQAVET and EQF annex III) 

Venue: Educational Research Institute; ul. Górczewska 8, 01-180 Warszawa, Poland 


Welcome to the peer learning activity:

  • Welcome on behalf of the EU Commission, Koen Bois d’Enghien, European Commission, DG EMP
  • Welcome on behalf of the National Centre for Supporting Vocational and Continuing Education and EQAVET National Reference Point in Poland, Małgorzata Rosak
  • Introduction to the peer learning activity - objectives, content, working methodology: Arancha Oviedo and Serban Iosifescu, EQAVET Secretariat

Approaches to quality assurance of qualifications based on the learning outcomes approach

Quality assurance and the use of learning outcomes based standards in certification

Questions for discussion:
-    What quality assurance mechanisms are needed in order to define qualifications based on LOs? (pointers: involvement of relevant stakeholders; standards and design of curriculum; designing and reviewing processes in order to respond  the changing needs of the labour market and society)
-    What are the QA processes that ensure the validity and the process of writing qualifications based on LOs? 

Quality assurance for assessment and certification of learning outcomes, the providers’ perspective - presentation from Polish and Dutch schools

Presentation of analysis of the pre-activity questionnaire

Questions for discussion:
-    What quality assurance mechanisms are needed in order to assess and certify qualifications based on LOs? (pointers: clear external and internal processes; selection and competences of assessors; assessment methods and tools; stakeholders involvement; appeal procedures)
-    What QA processes are needed in order to define the assessment/certification standards based on LOs?

Catering and dinner were provided by the Associated Schools of Gastronomy, 00-680 Warsaw, ul. Poznańska 6/8

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