Peer Learning Activity on "EQAVET PLA on self-assessment for work based learning"

The Peer Learning Activity (PLA) has been organised by the EQAVET Secretariat in collaboration with Skolverket  which hosts the Swedish National Reference Point for Quality Assurance in VET. The PLA takes place on the premises of a multinational company (SKF) which owns its own VET school . The PLA has been designed to enable participants to discuss how:
  • different approaches to self-assessment  can be used to quality assure the work-based learning of upper secondary school students. These students are most likely to be taking an initial, full- time EQF Level 4 qualification;
  • the EQAVET Framework supports the quality assurance of work-based learning.
The PLA includes a site visit - this will be to SKF’s vocational school.
See programme and presentations below
Welcome to the peer learning activity:
  • Welcome on behalf of the European Commission - Koen Bois d’Enghien, European Commission, DG EMPL
  • Welcome on behalf of SKF Sweden - Peter Elmfeldt, HR-manager of SKF and chair of SKF vocational school
  • Welcome on behalf of the Swedish EQAVET National Reference Point - Hans Almgren and Svante Sandell, Skolverket
  • Introduction to the peer learning activity - objectives, content, working methodology etc.: Arancha Oviedo and Keith Brumfitt, EQAVET Secretariat
FOCUS: VET system level - How quality assurance systems use self-assessment.
The discussion will focus on the system level and consider: the issues involved in collecting data from self-assessment; and how to improve the quality of work-based learning using data from self-assessment.
  • How Sweden uses self-assessment to support the quality assurance of work based learning - Hans Almgren, Skolverket
  • The legislative framework which supports self-assessment in work-based learning in Slovakia - Lubica Gállová, Head of Department for the National Qualifications Framework, State Vocational Education Institute (ŠIOV)
FOCUS: VET provider level - Presentations from VET providers on how they use self-assessment to support quality assurance. The discussion will focus on: to what extent should self-assessment differ between work-based and school-based VET provision; and what are the quality assurance issues that are particularly important for work-based providers
  • Example from Wales - Presenters: Paul Gray and Alannah Simmons, Tydfil Training Consortium Ltd, UK (Wales)
  • Example from Sweden - Presenter: Camilla Alenäs – Headteacher, and Ulrika Wiklander - International coordinator, SKF vocational school, Gothenburg
  • Example from Slovakia - Presenter: Eva Kubišová - Vice Director of the Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering, Bratislava
  • Example from Italy - Presenter: Francesca Di Paolantonio - CIOFS-FP (The Salesian Centre for the Professional Training of Women, Rome)
SITE VISIT: SKF vocational school and discussion with staff
Introduction to the school and its approach to quality assurance by Camilla Alenäs - Headteacher SKF vocational school
Guided tour and structured discussions: observation of the facilities and pedagogy; informal conversations with learners and staff

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