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Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture

The General Directorate for VET Minoritenplatz 5 A-1014 Vienna Austria

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The General Directorate for VET of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture is responsible for the following areas of school based learning: pedagogical matters and subject- and occupation- specific issues (e.g. curriculum development); continuing and further training of teachers; questions related to location and facilities; quality assurance and quality development; school development and research on education, training and qualifications; international cooperation. VET schools and colleges provide technical and/or initial vocational training in addition to broad general education from the ninth school year.


Juergen Horschinegg

Juergen Horschinegg Head of Research, Quality and Development in VET General Directorate for VET
[email protected]

In the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture Juergen Horschinegg is responsible for research, school development and quality in the GD VET. He is the Coordinator of the national quality management project QIBB (Quality Initiative for VET). Previously he was the Head of the ministry’s project group “international assessments” 2003-2008; Austrian representative, 2007-08 Vice-Chair of the OECD-PISA Governing Board; Austrian representative in the IEA General Assembly until 2008, member of the IEA-Standing Committee 2007-08; Austrian delegate in the European Forum for Quality in VET and the Technical Working Group until 2005; Austrian delegate in the European Network for Quality in VET (ENQA-VET), member of the Network’s Board since Oct. 2005 and Chairperson of the Board 2008-09.

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