Centre for Vocational Education and Training – VET Centre
Address: Rimski trg bb, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

About this Organisation:
VET Centre, as a developmental, advisory and research institution, establishes and improves the system of vocational education and training, aimed at the development of professionals, well-trained for the labour market, continuation of education and life-long learning according to their personal, social and economic interests.
Pursuant to the General Law on Education and within the scope of its duties, the VET Centre is in charge for quality assurance in vocational and adult education.
Since the establishment of the VET Centre, the Quality Assurance Department has been responsible for the following:
• Evaluation of the quality of educational activity in VET schools and accredited adult education organizers, based on the methodology aligned with EQAVET indicators
• Evaluation of the quality of VET curricula/training programmes
• Monitoring of the implementation of action plans for quality assurance in vocational and adult education institutions
• Monitoring of development of methods and procedures of external evaluation in European countries
• Research planning and participation
• Collection, processing and publication of data on the achievements of students and learning outcomes in vocational and adult education institutions,
• Planning, organization and monitoring of implementation of professional development of VET teachers
VET Centre was officially nominated as the National Reference Point for Quality Assurance in VET in December 2018.

Duško Rajković, director: [email protected]
Ivan Marković, EQAVET national reference  point: [email protected]

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