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The Ministry of Education Culture and Science, Directorate of VET is targeted at adult education and furthering the personal development of adults and their participation in society. The Ministry is responsible for life long learning, recognition of prior learning, student grants, transfer and mobility within the vocational education sector and dual courses.


Thea van den Boom

Thea van den Boom Senior Policy Advisor Directorate of VET[email protected]

For several years Ms van den Boom advises on the quality assurance, supervision, intervention and enforcement policy in VET. She also contributed as a member of the project group the implementation of quality management on the basis of EFQM and INK within the Department of Education, Culture and Science itself. Ms van den Boom gained her quality assurance expertise in previous years, working on the implementation of quality management and specific quality assurance systems, tools and methods (ISO, EFQM, INK, BSC) in the national Employment Service Organization. She is member of the Association of Professionals in the field of Quality in the Public sector (KPS Gilde). Her responsibilities as Senior policy advisor in the Ministry include: advising on policy regarding quality assurance issues (internal and external evaluation, accountability) in Vocational Education and Training; advising the Secretary of State on issues regarding risks in quality in VET and policy on (risk based) supervision by the Inspectorate and implementation of enforcement on specific quality issues. She was also a member of ENQA-VET and chair of the Thematic Group for Development of Guidelines supporting the implementation of the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework.

Association of VET Colleges - MBO Raad

PO Box 2051 3440 DB Woerden The Representative:

Ms Michaela Zwaan[email protected]

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